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White Topaz & White Enamel Sterling Silver Ring

This is a wonderful marriage of white enamel and a white topaz. You can wear it alone, or stack it with other gemstone stacking rings. The white enamel provides a nice dash of white to your outfit, like a blank canvas that will draw attention with the sparkle of the white topaz.

You can buy this white enamel ring from this link to Ice.

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1/10 Carat Diamond Sterling Silver Black & White Enamel Ring

While looking for white enamel rings I came upon this one, which has white enamel and black enamel. It’s like a yin/yang, and I love it for it’s simplicity. This ring is made with sterling silver and diamonds, but the focus is on the black and white sections, which look twisted together. The ring exudes a casual elegance.

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