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Sobral Flash Gordon Marvel Ring

A uniquely handmade piece, this is created out of a recycled circuit board and encased resin with thin black strips. The ring has been polished many times for it to look as flawless as this. Since it’s handmade, no two rings are alike.

Pendant: 1 ΒΌ inches Material: Resin, recycled circuit board

You can get this at Max & Ch

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Jackie Brazil Casacde Cocktail Ring

This is a statement cocktail ring. Gorgeous colours set inside a clear resin form attract the eye. Every Jackie Brazil ring is different as they are made partly by hand and have a varying mix of resin colours in them. This cocktail ring has a stylish squared finish with a domed surface. Sure to bring Brazilian vibrancy to any outfit.

The ring is made from eco-friendly resin on location in Brazil, 98% of the ring is made from a by product of petrol creating fashionable style out of a waste product. This ring from the Cascade range is made by specially trained artisans and t

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