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PONO Jewelry on Sale – Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces

Check out these great Pono jewelry pieces on sale.

We couldn’t bear if you didnt’ check out the fun jewelry that Pono makes. Below are five pieces on sale right now. From bright bangles to bold cocktail rings, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Even a snakeskin bracelet!

Alligator Jr Bangle in Wine

Cracked Shell Ring in White

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Shell Ring – Conch by Naked Label

Isn’t this a wild ring? It’s out of control, like nature sometimes is.

The type of shell this is, is a conch. It was made by designer line Naked Label and they call it the Konk Ring.

It has a caramel and bronze color, and looks quite large. The exact dimensions are not given, but you can call the website and ask.

Find this ring at Kabiri.

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Mali Sabatasso Opalescent Shell Ring

People will think you were lucky enough to lift this shell right off the beach, but this is an exquisitely put together ring! This shell ring is by Mali Sabatasso, and truly is made from a real shell. It is a “definite stunner.”Just looking at the ring I can imagine the wind from the ocean gently cooling me down after a hot day on the beach, and I can hear the rustle of little animals in the brush up the beach. It’s a beautiful image, don’t you want to carry it with you everywhere?

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Broken Spiral Ring Nautilus Shell

This eye caught my attention, and I think you’ll like it too. It’s a carved shell ring made in sterling silver. People love nautilus shells and nautilus shell rings, but most of them are only made by a few designers. For no real reason. Here’s a handmade shell ring under 100. Via Etsy.

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Pick Your Favorite: Sand Dollar Ring

Sand dollars are interesting creatures, and lots of people collect them. I, myself, have some dried sand dollars from trips to the beach. They’re very fragile, though. It’s probably no surprise to you that sand dollar jewelry, especially sand dollar rings – are much less fragile than the real thing. Even better, there are tons of variations to pick from. My favorites here are the first one I posted, and the third one. What do you think?

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Spiral Shell Sterling Silver Ring

Spiral Shell Sterling Silver Ring.jpg

First impressions: The shell looks almost iridescent.

The ring is made of: Sterling silver, shell

Available size(s): 6,7,8,9

Your desired details: This is on sale! Marked down a lot, in fact. But it’s not ugly or anything – like some sale items that get drastically marked down end up being.

Celebrity inspiration: Cameron Diaz

Price and Where to Buy: $25.95 on sale at

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