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Creative Rings: Silver Heart Puzzle Ring

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Is your life a puzzle? Well, if you like puzzles, why not wear one? This creative ring uses a silver heart shape for its design. I’ve never seen a ring just like this one, which makes it rare and unique. It’s a statement piece, because people will want to mention it, as though you don’t already know you’re wearing the coolest ring in the room! This is a find of rings under $200.00. Find this creative ring by:

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Puzzle Rings!

If you are into custom, handmade rings, you might want to check out these puzzle rings from Norman Greene in Berkeley, California.

A puzzle ring for fun. A puzzle ring for beauty. Each ring forms a puzzle. See the instructions at the link below to solve it.

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2 Tone Gold 4 Band Puzzle Ring!

Here’s a 2 Tone Gold 4 Band Puzzle Ring that will go great with any dress on any occasion at only $147.


    This Puzzle Ring consists of four interlocking bands. Each band is made of solid 14K gold. It measures approximately 10 mm on the face and 3 mm on the bottom (shank of the ring). Please note this ring is designed to be a delicate ring and is best suited for a ladies hand. This ring is available in: TWO TONE GOLD (p

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