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Purity Rings for Women and Teenage Girls (Trendy but Elegant)

Purity Rings Online, a relative newcomer to the purity ring market is now offering a new ring style that is anticipated to be very popular as an offering for purity rings for women and purity rings for teenage girls.

This new Solitaire Purity Ring was officially released in October of 2010, and was accompanied by a True Love Waits Solitaire ring shortly thereafter. The Solitaire Purity Ring contains a single diamond in the heart of the cross, the word “Purity” and the New Testament scripture reference of Matthew 5:8.

This symbolic ring designed with young w

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Latin Tri Ring

A beautiful minimalist rhodium plated ring shaped like a triangle. Done in black, it brings out its elegance. The ring is engraved with the words “Make me chaste and pure, but not yet!”, thus this is like a promise ring and a purity ring rolled in one.

You can get this ring from Agent Provocatuer.

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Sterling Silver Satin Engraved Purity Band

This is a really sweet ring made of satin finished sterling silver. It’s a purity ring, and it comes with an engraving as well as a design on the outside of the ring. This is a unisex ring that leans more towards looking feminine. The website says, “As glowing as the promise you’ve made to purity.” Via

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Ladies 14K White Gold Love Waits Flower with Blue Diamond

Even with today’s fast paced standards and the absence of honest to goodness courtship, someone wearing a purity ring and stands by what it represents can still uphold it.

The purity ring is a symbol of commitment, of waiting for the right person an Almighty Being has for him/her.

With a purchase of this purity ring, the following are included:


Coincide Thorns Abstinence Ring!

These thorns on the Coincide Thorns Abstinence Ring represent the protection from having sex for the first time.  The thorns in other words protect you from rapists and other nasty people.  Okay, just kidding, they are, however, thorns to protect you symbolically.  We like this domain name, “WAITT.com”.

Patterned to represent purity and your stand to wait. Symbolic of the phenomena of constructive interference where 2 waves coinciding with each other join together to become 1 wave. It’s an encounter that ultimately increase

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One Life One Love Purity Rings!

If you have chosen purity or abstinence until you are ready, you might want to consider wearing one of these “One Life One Love” Rings, which symbolize loving one person.

Ladies 14KT White Gold One Life One Love Purity Ring. Another purityrings.com exclusive design. This custom made purity ring symbolizes the beautiful promise of purity and covenant with God and your future spouse. As you wear the ring and pray for God”s Will to bring the “One True Love” into your life, you will be creating an incredible testim

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