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5 Beautiful Sapphire Rings Under $100

Not all sapphire rings are going to cost an arm and a leg – some only cost a pinky! Or…whatever you consider an amount under $100 to be. But more than that, we’ve selected five sapphire rings under $100, here, that we actually like. Because there’s no point in having a piece of jewelry that’s affordable but that you would hate. Keep that in mind! (We won’t steer you wrong.)

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Sterling Silver

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Jewelry Blog Designer Spotlight: Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

It’s time to put the spotlight on Laura Elizabeth Jewelery, and our favorite pieces by the line. Influenced by the beauty of nature, we really love some of the offerings by this line. Below, we share our five favorite jewelry pieces.

Designer Spotlight


The cool Courtenay Cuff is made from the shape of a dusty miller leaf. It reminds us of what a fairy princess (or woodland elf) would wear for a regal occasion. It’s eco-friendly because it’s made of recycled brass.


These eco-friendly earrings feature a pretty river-b

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5 Cool Corsage Bracelets – Flowers, Leather, Fabric

You can wear corsage bracelets for big events (like your wedding, engagement party, etc) or as an everyday piece of romantic jewelry. Many cuffs with leather flowers on them look quite tough. You’ll see what we mean when you take a look at the five corsage bracelets we picked to show you guys on this jewelry blog. Take a peek at the beauties and let us know which your favorite is.

Spring Cream Wrist Corsage – Iced Cream from the Etsy shop Cuff N Go, CLICK

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Inside the Tribal Jewelry Trend 2012 (PICS) – Pinterest Jewelry

Mix neon colors and tribal jewelry and you come up with the jewelry brand Rocks Paper Metal, which is available at Spotlight Accessories.  (They offer free shipping and free return shipping.) Below we’re going to share some of our favorite pieces of Rocks Paper Metal jewelry.

Crystal Bib Necklace with Neon Orange Crystals by Rocks Paper Metal - Pinterest Necklaces

Linear Crystal Earrings i

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Shop CC SKYE Jewelry Online: Spotlight Accessories is a great destination

You can shop CC Skye Jewelry online at Spotlight Accessories, where there’s a huge selection of her jewelry. They are a great shopping destination for CC Skye Jewelry, and other top designers like

Jewelry Reviews Blog Post – CC Skye Earrings

Arriving in a cool white box with a black bow, inside the box is hot pink – for that extra special umph! Of course, the real treasure is the earrings. Which have been worn by starlet Vanessa Hudgens. They are called the

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5 Beautiful Tiny Animal Rings from Etsy that We Love

You’re going to love these tiny animal rings so much you’ll be squeeing for days! Don’t forget that we update our ring blog five days a week. If you are looking for a jewelry blog to update your pinterest rings or pinterest jewelry, always give us a look! It’s the smart choice. Thumbs up. Now, onto the tiny animal rings! We’ve got birds, dogs, even bunnies.

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WOW Jewelry Pieces to Share on Pinterest – Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Rings

If you’re looking for amazingly cool pieces of jewelry to see and share on Pinterest, check out these.

Rotating Pendant: Exotic and Regal

Crystal Earrings: Edgy and Unique

Diamond Snake Necklace: Eccentric and Slithery

Xylophone bangles (Audiowear Porcelain Musical Jewely Collection) by Elastic Brand: Musical

Arwen Quartz Necklace: For a Warrior Princess, but not Xena

Colorful Pendant Necklace: Wham to color!

Loto Coho Diamond Earrings: Ironic

Paris Metro Cuff: Educational

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5 Unusual Rings for Women Found in Etsy Shops

Love Jewelry blogs? Let us know what you think of our ring blog. We update five days a week for your jewelry searching needs. Related: Pinterest Jewelry, Pinterest Rings

Explore five unusual rings for women below. All five were found on Etsy!

Spring Ring Alice in Wonderland – terrarium ring from Hokiou on Etsy, CLICK Related: Handmade rings, Etsy Rings, Alice in Wonderland Rings, Unusual rings, Unique Rings

Sterling Silver Ring – Agate Stone &#

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