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Weird Rings: Mood Ring with Chart

mood rings

Groovy, man! Remember mood rings?  While they were popular in the 70’s, even if you were a child of the 80’s or 90’s chances are good you’ve seen or played with a mood ring before. They never looked quite like this – this is more like a mood ring band. I think they are great as friendship rings.  How do mood rings work? Your emotions dictate what color the ring is. You’ll find this particular mood ring at Happy Rings: H

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Best of Ring O Blog!

Here’s a re-cap of the best posts on Ring-O-Blog:

Meteorite Rings may symbolize eternal love. Wooden Wedding Rings are popular among eco-geeks. Ring Pistol is a good idea for protection. Engraved Rings are a great way to leave your mark. Ring O Blog has a great collection of

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How do Mood Rings Work?

If you ever wanted to know how mood rings work, here’s some explanations:

While mood rings cannot reflect your mood with any real scientific accuracy, they actually are indicators of your body’s involuntary physical reaction to your emotional state.

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Cheap Mood Rings!

Looking for that mood ring that changes color depending on how you feel?  Well, you can check out MoodJewelry.com for some cheap mood rings you can order.


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