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Make Your Own Shrink Rings

Itching to get your creative and crafty side going?

Here’s a project you can do with yourself or with friends, or even with you kids. These rings are called Shrink Rings which PlanetJune describes as thin, flexible pieces that were first marketed as toys. These have been crafted using shrink plastic and baked so that it becomes a lot more durable.

PlanetJune did her own version by putting decorations on her creations:

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Fun Crayon Rings

Adults who are kids at heart would love this ring. Aside from using it as a fashion accessory, these are actual crayons one can use for drawing or coloring. The rings come in a set of 8 and is a concept by Timothy Liles who designs furnitures.

The ring is sold for $60 Australian…which isn’t actually bad considering it has a double purpose. It can even be the ring you propose to, which should be really cute.

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Gummi Bear Ring

Anna Steinerova calls this collection Medvídci, which includes a set of rings and earrings patterned after the delicious gummi bear candies. Kids will definitely like this one. And those kids at heart, too!

Via Anstein

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