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New Fingerprint Ring

This is a brand new design that’s just getting seen in the United States.

We are the creators of this unique new series of designs.

Exclusively from Mark William Fine Art Jeweler

Now we are proud to introduce our new Fingerprint Wedding Rings, and our Precious Prints Fingerprint Jewelry consisting of many new fresh designs. Look for us to continually add to our collection.

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Wedding Band With Fingerprint

What makes this simple wedding band extra special is that the embellishments and design you see on the band itself is made of actual fingerprints. It’s make the ring very personal, doesn’t it? Like fingerprints, it makes it truly unique too.

Designed by Camille Hempel of New York.

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How to Read a Diamond Grading Certificate!

Here’s a great guide to reading a diamond certificate.

A diamond grading certificate or report is like a “fingerprint” for the diamond, describing the stone in technical detail so that its value and identity can be verified. It does not assign monetary value to the stone, as an appraisal does, and is only provided for loose diamonds. If you are purchasing a diamond, it’s important to ask for and know how to read a grading report so you can make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

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