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Sandy Hyun Wooden Diamond Ring

A different kind of diamond for your girl…

This is a large wooden diamond shaped ring with thick silver band. The ring is large enough that it extends farther up the finger and thus, becomes a really very attractive piece.

Size: Adjustable Length: 2 ┬╝ inches Material: Wood Metal: Silver plated

You can get this at Max �

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Cast Hematite Diamond-Shaped Ring


Getting a good impression doesn’t have to mean spending $$$ to achieve it. You can still get tons of compliments even when you spend just a fraction for some really well-designed accessory pieces, like this ring. Shaped like a shield, this diamond shaped hematite ring looks vintage regal, it’s very stylish and it only costs $10.┬áRing face is 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″.


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