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Creepy Tooth Ring

You won’t get me to wear this but it does make a statement. The tooth ring is from Australian designer Polly van der Glas. And yes, those are actual human teeth you see. They’ve apparently been donated from India or China.

The human teeth were sterilized before it was made into this ring, though. So no worries.


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Ying and Yang Ring may bring you some peace!

This beautiful Ying and Yang ring might soothe your day’s troubles.

FYI, Ying and Yang is a symbol of fire and water used in China and other Asian countries. For Korea, the Ying and Yang symbol is part of the Korean flag.

Cant decide to be good or bad today? find a little balance with this Yin and Yang ring

Hand knitted with blue/black she wool and white crotchet thread and decorated with a Yin Yang embellishment

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