What is a Promise Ring?

Here’s a some good information on why people sometimes choose to go with the Promise Ring before the Engagement Ring:

  • Pre-engagement: If you’re sure she’s the right one for you, but not quite ready for engagement, the pre-engagement ring expresses commitment to the relationship and a promise for the future together.
  • Chastity or abstinence: Often called Purity Rings, these rings are generally given by a parent to a child and symbolize a promise by the child to remain sexually pure until marriage.  It is a constant reminder that true love can wait for a sexual relationship.  Purity rings can also be given to symbolize a child’s pledge to remain substance free.
  • Monogamy: In the absence of marriage or pre-engagement, promise rings can be exchanged as a mutual commitment of unity and monogamy.
  • Friendship: Good friends have always made pacts, sealing them with the exchange of friendship rings and other small tokens.  Whether your friend is moving halfway across the country or lives right next door, you both know you will always be there for each other.

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