Tiffany’s Twist Ring is a Copy of Kiel Mead’s Forget Me Knot

Tiffany & Co. has unveiled their Twist Ring recently as part of their Mother’s Day gift item suggestion. They define this as inspired by “the time-honored craft of hand-twisting wire” but it also looks strikingly similar to a ring that Kiel Mead, a Brooklyn based designer, has done in 2005, called the Forget Me Know ring.

Mead tells Mediabistro’s Unbeige —

“My design is actually a piece of string that is molded and cast in various materials such as silver and gold. It took some trial and error to get the final product to look like my conceptualization.”

He also mentions that this is not the first time his work has been redesigned and copied. You can read all about Mead’s credentials and the story of the Forget Me Knot ring copy by Tiffany here.

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