Unique Ring Boxes with Polished Gemstones!

Quite a fancy trio, aren’t they?

A trio of unique ring boxes.

This is the Precioso Box Collection from RabLab.com. You can easily store rings or tiny pairs of earrings inside these ad hoc ring boxes. You’ll feel safe knowing they’re tucked away in little places like this, rather than strewn around loose in a big jewelry box.

These particular boxes are handmade, with gemstones (citrine, amethyst, crystal) and gold leaf or silver leaf.

What I like is that the tops of these are almost wearing little crowns or tiaras. They have a real presence, you won’t overlook them on your dresser or vanity.

These would also be great ring boxes to use when proposing. I mean, this is a ring box that a future bride will actually want to keep forever, and even have on display. The unique quality also makes it so much more special.

Our elegant boxes will keep your treasures safe. These boxes combine semi-precious stones like citrine, amethyst, and crystal with gold and silver leaf. Each stone is hand-polished and cut in southern Brazil; each box is painstakingly hand-made. This is a natural product; each box is unique. Assembled in the United States. 3″ in diameter x 2.5″ high.

More: Precioso Box Collection from RabLab.com

Price: $152/each

What do you think? Would you like a trio of these on your dresser to store rings?

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