The Daring and Dazzling Rings of Solange Azagury-Partridge

I’m very interested in the design work that Solange Azagury-Partridge does, and I bet you will be too once you take a look. Her websites sums up her style as: London based funky fine jewellery. Sounds good to me!

Some people might tell you that something like jewelery can’t be art. But they’d have to re-examine that statement after looking at the eye-popping artwork done in Partridge’s jewelry design.

“Continually challenging cliche’s and conventions, exploring materials and pushing boundaries, visualizing words and feelings, Solange has expanded her parameters of art.”

The Magic Ring from the Platonic Collection.


The HotLips ring from the Enamel Collection.

snail ring

Mardi’s Animals Snail Ring from the Enamel Collection.

love ring

The Written Love Ring from the Filigree Collection.

rainbow ring

The Gaia and Cronds ring from The Black Rainbow Collection.

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