Easy Jewelry for Kids to Make: Top 5 Gifts for Crafty Kids

As a kid I loved being crafty and artistic, and I think it’s important to encourage a hands-on approach to creating things in this era where so much is done digitally.

I actually had a ton of fun writing up this post, because I often had jewelry making kids as a child, but I also remember which ones I enjoyed using and which ones intimidated me. Now that I’m older, I think these kinds of gifts are great to give to your nieces or younger cousins. If you end up going on a destination Christmas somewhere, these are great because they’ll give you and your extended family something to do together so you get to spend quality time as a group.

I’m not recommending anything that looks cool but also looks super hard, because who wants that headache? Beware of the Elenco Rock Driller, as it has really bad Amazon reviews. I’d probably avoid that one.

Below you’ve got some basic beading, foil jewelry making, jewelry painting, and some fabric jewelry diy stuff.

The most important part is encouraging creativity and then making a point to compliment the jewelry when the child wears it the next day. Have them explain how they did it to other people so they feel independent and encouraged.

Jewelry Making Kits for Kids

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads with over 200 beads
There’s enough beads for several kids to play at once!
On Sale $11 From Amazon – Link

Twist it T-Shirt Yarn Jewelry Kit
By using old t-shirts you can create new braclets, rings and pins. It’s simple and perfect for young girls. The kit has 2 ring bases, 3 pin bases and the instructions you’ll need. All you’ll need is old t-shirts, fabric glue,and scissors. You can make this a true gift by taking your daughter to a fabric store to pick out colorful pieces of fabrics with you. You can make some great kids rings with these.
by Such Designs on Etsy – Link

Alex Foil Bead Maker
Kids get to crank the machine over a mold to create foil beads. They can make necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. Age range from the Amazon reviews suggests your kid be at least 8 years old or older. A girl as old as 15 might love it. Even I think it makes pretty cool beads and I’m in my late 20’s. Foil jewelry making is cool!
On Amazon $14 – Link

Alex Paint Ice Jewelry Making Kit
Here’s something that will captivate young kids but also appeal to older children because you can design these in any way and be as artistic as you want. This kit lets you create 5 rings and 4 bracelets. It has 6 pants and some stickers, but just 1 brush so if I were you I’d get another brush. There are some easy designs you can recommend the kids do, like creating squiggles (easier than straight lines) or polka dots. You can also have them draw out a design idea on paper first (like a simple flower.)
On Sale $12 Amazon – Link

Stick N’ Style Blinglets
Want super easy jewelry diy? This is probably the easiest jewelery making kit for kids that I’ve seen in my search, and it also looks cute! You get 12 bracelet bases and 700 sparkling stickers that are like jewels. This is actually an award winning craft kit! Skill level doesn’t matter, it’s all about having relaxing fun.
From Amazon $17 – Link

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