DIY Rings – Easy and Unique Button Rings that Everyone Admires

Get creative today. Learn to make Button Rings with this affordable, easy ring tutorial!

If you’re into DIY rings, then you simply must learn the art of making button rings. It’s an easy way to create unique rings on the cheap. And this ring tutorial is inexpensive to purchase. You buy it as a PDF on your computer and it’ll tell you what to do in order to take buttons (vintage or new, it doesn’t matter) to create your own button rings.

The shop reminds you that the great thing about buttons is that there is such variety, and that buttons are durable and strong.

The tutorial includes ring diy instructions and diy rings pictures for all the steps. The ring tutorial lets you make adjustable rings or make permanently sized ones.

DIY Rings Supplies:

  • 20 gauge wire
  • pliers – both round nose, and flat
  • and buttons of your choice

This ring tutorial is from the MeHartGallery on Etsy. Find the link here, CLICK. The shop has additional DIY Ring ideas such as…

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Make flower rings with fabric.

How to make a cabbage rose flower for rings.

How to make a zipper ring.

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