DIY Rings – Jewelry Making Kits

Feeling crafty? Try some jewelry DIY! There are some great jewelry making kits for rings on Etsy, which let you hand make your own rings from crystals and beads. Read the pages before purchasing to make sure you have everything you need. Most require that you just have a pair of wire cutters.

Blossom – Sundae- DIY Ring kit
There are three color options. Pink, cream or brown. It’s made with crystal pearls and beads. The kit comes with everything you need to make one ring, including the different types of beads, the right thread, and instructions. Just bring some wire cutters and you’re set!
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From Etsy, CLICK

DIY KIT Faceted Amethyst Ring
From Etsy, CLICK

Monarch- DIY Crystal Ring Kit- Valentine Red
From Etsy, CLICK

Emma- DIY Crystal Ring Kit
Again with this one, all you need are wire cutters at home.
From Etsy, Link

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