Ring Ceremony in India

Ring Ceremony in India

Although I have probably no reason to know anything about ring ceremony in India, it’s good to learn about other cultures.  This information might be useful for those of you who might meet someone Indian in the future or have met one already.

Ring Ceremony is one of the vital Pre-Wedding Ceremonies. Which is held day or 2 days before wedding. ring ceremony is also know as as engagement, Mangni and sagaii in some other parts of the country. Tradition and rituals are still alive in India arrange marriages are still common in India. Traditionally parents would choose their children’s partner to ensure their wealth would stay within the same caste or to form alliances with another religion and were sometimes determined at birth. in this ceremony groom and bride exchange there rings as symbol of love n devotion . This is the main charm of Indian weddings. Herein lies the essence of Indian customs and traditions. Extremely ritualistic, Indian Hindu Marriages are still following the Vedic rites and Purana Philosophy.

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