WOW Jewelry Pieces to Share on Pinterest – Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Rings

If you’re looking for amazingly cool pieces of jewelry to see and share on Pinterest, check out these.

Rotating Pendant: Exotic and Regal

Crystal Earrings: Edgy and Unique

pinterest earrings

Diamond Snake Necklace: Eccentric and Slithery

Xylophone bangles (Audiowear Porcelain Musical Jewely Collection) by Elastic Brand: Musical

Arwen Quartz Necklace: For a Warrior Princess, but not Xena

Colorful Pendant Necklace: Wham to color!

Loto Coho Diamond Earrings: Ironic

Paris Metro Cuff: Educational

Fabric Bangles: ….Very Marie Antoinette

Flutter Earrings by InSyncDesign: They make good jewelry.

Loto Coho Modern Ring: Big and architectural

Jakob Tiger Head Pendant Necklace by Titi Madam: Animalistic

pinterest jewelry

Waves Two Finger Rings by Lusa Sul: Simple and Elegant

Ribbon Necklace by Aminimal: Makes us dizzy

Birthday Wish Ring: Cute and Quirky

All from Vespoe.

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