Danforth Diamond Mardi Gras Sweepstakes!

Do you want to win a free diamond heart necklace valued at $357?  Simply enter Danforth Diamond’s Mardi Gras sweepstakes, details below:


Danforth Diamond’s 40 Days & 40 Nights Mardi Gras sweepstakes gives contestants the chance to win a beautiful diamond heart necklace (valued at $357). To enter, simply visit the site linked above and fill out the form for a chance to win. The sweepstakes runs until April 25th.

The sweepstakes kicked off March 8th on Bourbon Street in New Orleans by handing out thousands of royal purple Danforth Diamond medallion beads. Check out Danforth Diamond’s Facebook page for photos of the event.

Since Danforth Diamond is committed to preserving the planet, it created the Harmony brand of recycled metals, which has the same exquisite beauty as mined metals but doesn’t inflict as much damage on the environment.

About Danforth Diamond
Danforth Diamond is one of the Internet’s leading sellers of affordable diamond engagement rings. Their collection of Harmony engagement rings and solitaires is unrivaled and offers options to fit every style and budget. Visit Danforth Diamond to learn more at:www.danforthdiamond.com.

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