White Gold Diamond Right Hand Rings Worth Wearing

L’Oreal may be the one who has the tagline “Because you’re worth it”, but I think that better suits anyone talking about right hand rings. I’m writing this after watching a period piece where the men treated women horribly, so I’m even more inclined to say that you don’t have to be married to have the ring you want, and even if you are – don’t let that stop you from anything (except home perms and scuba diving without help). Of course, (most) men aren’t as old fashioned as they used to be, but I still think that in America and other countries, women feel controlled. Anyway, that’s why I feel like spotlighting right hand rings. They’re extravagant, amazing rings that you wear on that right ring finger.

We all love white gold, so when I went looking for a white gold diamond right hand ring, I held out my hand and tried to consider what I would seriously wear on an semi-regular basis. It has to be unique in some way, but not so overpowering that I’d feel embarrassed by it. With much consideration, I bring you: the 14K White Gold 3/4 ct. Diamond Right Hand Ring by Katarina Jewelry, on sale for $1,095.00 To buy: Click and investigate.

Next: 1/2 CRT T.W. Diamond Flower Right Hand Ring in 10k White Gold by Gordon’s Jewelers for $449. To buy: Click away.

Next:1/2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond 14K White Gold Ring at Ice, on sale for $595. To buy: Click and see.

Next: 14K White Gold Diamond Right Hand Ring by Julie’s Jewels for $2,825.58. To buy: Click and explore.

Next: 1/2 Carat Princess Round Diamond 14k White Gold Heart Right Hand Promise Ring by Sea of Diamonds for $725.00 (P.S. Make the promise to yourself!) To buy: Click and see.

And finally, one more I couldn’t resist: 14K White Gold 3/4 ct. Round and Marquise Cut Diamond Right Hand Ring for on sale for $1,195.00. To buy: Click and gasp.

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