Mary Margaret Blanchard’s Ring on Once Upon a Time

On Once Upon a Time (ABC) Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) has a striking green peridot engagement ring.

Mystical properties of Peridot include healing (more on that below), patience, the ability to rid you of jealousy, and to bring you peace and a clear heart. It’s also been said that peridot can help you understand your purpose, and help you fulfill your destiny. …Talk about the perfect stone for Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard!

Healing properties of Peridot include the reduction of stress, anger, fever and aggravation.

Peridot is the birthstone for August birthdays. And green is just pretty!

It looks like Mary Margaret Blanchard’s ring is made with white gold (sterling silver or platinum would also work), and the peridot is prong set. The shape of the peridot is likely round, but also might be Oval, Asscher or Cushion. (Pick the shape that you like the most!) The ring setting is simple with a nod to the past. Look for a prong, trellis, or cathedral setting. But the most important thing is to go for a peridot ring that you connect with and are drawn to.

Suggested Periodot Rings


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  • Oval Trellis Solitaire Ring Oval Peridot 14K White Gold Ring, from Gemvara CLICK
  • 10k White Gold Round Peridot Solitaire Ring from Overstock, CLICK (Note: There is one review, and it isn’t positive.)

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