Five Gorgeous Green Amethyst Rings in White Gold

I have a special sort of love for green amethyst rings, they have such a rare look to them. Before I started writing for this jewelry blog a couple years ago I didn’t even know there were green amethyst rings at all! Now that I know about them, I want to make sure you guys do, too. There’s always an antique, ethereal quality to them. With their delicate color, I think white gold pairs nicely with them.

The fifth ring I’m sharing with you is one of the more modern rings for women that I’ve seen with green amethyst, and it also looks very royal. Like, maybe an Ice Queen would wear it? I don’t know, you tell me!

Ring Trivia: Natural green amethyst is also called green quartz or Prasiolite.

green amethyst white gold ring

14K White Gold Genuine Cushion Green Amethyst Antique Style Ring: Click Here (Or in Yellow Gold, if you want.)

green amethyst rings white gold

3 Carat Green Amethyst & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring: Click Here

green amethyst rings white gold

green amethyst rings white gold

4 1/2 Carat Green Amethyst and Diamond 14K White Gold Ring: Click Here

green amethyst rings

Brian Danielle Green Amethyst and Diamond Square Ring: Click Here

modern rings for women

Tresor Green Amethyst and Diamond Dazzle Ring: Click Here This is filed under modern rings for women, this is one green amethyst ring that I think does look modern.

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