Weird and Cool Rings – A Mouse, an Elephant and …an Evil Eye!

Sometimes, you want to do anything but be a wallpaper. Sometimes (even me, the introvert) you just want to STAND OUT. Weird accessories can always help you do this, and they’re better than buying a floor-length ballgown made out of salt water taffy.

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Mouse Ring

  • From: The S Song in South Korea, CLICK
  • I love how cute this ring is, and animal wrap style rings have always been ones that I enjoy.
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How fun and cute are THESE?

Lavender Butterfly Fairy Tale Tea Cup Ring

  • From: The Gymbo Hannah Etsy shop, owned by Michelle Odom.
  • Notes: I love fairytale rings, AND handmade rings. So, this is perfect. (Although, to be perfectly honest these are probably plastic and highly breakable, so be careful.)

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Shutter Island’s Camera Antique Ring Adjustable

  • From: Lackadaisica in Hong Kong, CLICK
  • A perfect gift for the photographer in your life. The crystal in the lens is a really smart way to have made this ring. And you can tell them it’s a metaphor about everything they capture with their camera is like a TRUE GEM to you.

Vintage Gold Diamond & Sapphire Ring 18ct – Evil Eye Ring

  • From: MacArthur Antiques in Bridlington, United Kingdom
  • Notes: Wearing the evil eye is supposed to keep evil off of you, as it is ever watchful.
  • Full disclosure: this ring kind of creeps me out.

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Elephant Ring

  • From: Sweetrain Art in Korea, LINK
  • Another wrapped animal ring. Anything with a tail can work in this format, right? I’ve seen tons of fox rings like this, but not nearly enough elephants. And ZERO narwhales.

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– Jessica

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