Five Unique Wedding Bands for Women by Carla Caruso

Using etching and unusual shapes, Carla Caruso Bridal Wedding Bands are unique and frankly, exquisite. They seem to me that they are perfect for someone who loves nature and their individuality. They’re not standard in any way. Some have etched vines or twinkles while others are made of soapsud shapes or special curves and angular shapes. I played favorites and my two favorite wedding bands here are the first two I picked for the collage. I love the symbolism behind the infinity ring, and the sweet vine design is so unexpected but fits with my personality well. As we move to the soapsuds ring, it’s playful and a little bit more contemporary. The twinkle band and the faceted band are but simple, but with a little oomph.

This post also does well to give a designer spotlight for Carla Caruso who is greatly inspired by nature for her jewelry pieces. Her bio says, “Carla’s pieces find a perfect balance between the modern and the delicate sensual.”

Five Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Carla Caruso Bridal – Infinity Wedding Band

Carla Caruso Bridal- Etched Vine Band

Carla Caruso – Soapsuds Wedding Band

Carla Caruso- Small Twinkle Band

Carla Caruso Bridal – Small Faceted Band

All available from The Clay Pot: HERE

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