Funky Rings from The Harbinger Co – Harry Potter jewelry just got chic

Sometimes you don’t want to be traditional. And I hear ya on that. Standing out and showing your personality through style is what it’s all about. And every day means you can basically be a new person. One day you might be looking glamorous …feeling like a Kardashian, and the next day you might decide to harness the vibe of a Kate Bosworth being boho at Coachella. Anyway, this is all about a lead-in to explain that I found some really funky, FAR OUT, rings. They’re from “The Harbinger Co.” And while they have loads of another goodies to explore, we’re talkin’ bout rings here.

You can find all of these rings @ The Harbinger Co.

It’s modern and posh in a “can you even handle how cool I am?” sort of way.

I guess it’s almost also like a cage ring, huh?

Galaxy Ring

  • First up on deck is the Galaxy Ring. Made of sterling silver and measures 1 inch in diameter.
  • I forget what fractals are, but this seems like a ring that certain math-minded people would enjoy. It’s all…uh, geometric-ish?
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Meow! I always wanted sunglasses like this.


Cat Eye Glasses Ring

  • Don’t get too excited yet – this ring is only available in size 6-8.
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You wouldn’t want to wear such round glasses on your face…but this is different.

Harry Potter Glasses Ring

  • Harry Potter jewelry just got chic.
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Doesn’t look too sharp…therefore it’s not too dangerous!

It looks cool when worn. I dig it. I also, surprisingly, like the orange nail polish.


Pyramid Ring

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Ciao for now, Jessica

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