Ring DIY – How To Buy A Diamond Ring!

For most consumers who are buying diamond rings for their loved ones, it’s going to be more of a random guess as far as buying the ring at your local retailer shop at the mall or wherever.

Now, I am not a total expert on diamond rings but in this article, BUT, I can quickly point out 3 very important things when buying a diamond ring.  (and possibly save you a LOT of money or at least let you know exactly what you are buying.

So here’s it is:

1. Color

Color of the diamond is probably one of the most important points about a diamond.  Most retailers will give you the actual diamond color grade.

Now, there’s an actual chart over at DiamondArticles.com, which shows you that diamonds are rated from letter D to Z.

D to F are diamonds that are almost perfect and have almost no impurities, but these are very expensive.

G to J is the next set of diamonds that are still pretty much perfect.

Anything K to Z is going to really to suck literally.  If this is going to be an engagement ring or wedding ring, simply avoid K to Z.

2. Clarity

Clarity of the diamond shows how pure the diamond is.  No diamond is ever completely perfect, but there is a standard that shows the clarity rating for each diamond.  You can also refer to the chart on DiamondArticles.com.

Here’s a re-cap of the rating system:

FL-IF is probably the most pure diamonds and you will have to pay thousands of dollars for this type of diamond, even for small amount of carats.

VVS1-VVS2 is probably still pretty pure, you will still have to pay thousands of dollars for this type of diamond, but it’s definitely worth it if you are trying to buy the purest diamonds.

VS1-VS2 is the next step down but these are still great.

S1-S2 or SI1-SI2 are another step down.

I1, I2, I3 are the worst of diamonds with lots of impurities.  These rings are fairly sold a LOT usually at your local retail shops due to the fact that people think “carats” is the most important.

I mean, you can still get I1, I2, I3 rated rings but do know they are the most impure type of rings.

I highly prefer VVS1-VVS2 and VS1-VS2 rings due to the fact that I like things that are “pure” inside, not simply look big.

Of course, if you are on a budget and you are buying this ring to pop the question, I do highly recommend that you get something S2 or higher, no Is please!

3. Carats

Carats simply tells you the size of the diamond.  This is the only thing that most people shop rings by, and you must remember that shopping for carats only may cause you to get easily ripped off by evil ring shops.

In all, here’s the 3 most important questions you must ask the retailer when buying a diamond ring:

1. What is the Color of the ring?

2. What is the Clarity of the ring?

3. What is the Carats of the ring?

Once you’ve got these 3 specs down, then you can check out 3-5 retail shops and then also check out online shops.

The retail shops are great for actually comparing the differences between color and clarity of the rings in general.

As a general rule, most impure diamonds will reflect less and as for color, you will see more “rainbow” style reflections on rings that are more colored.  (or less colorless)

I’ve actually bought mine at a retail shop and couple more things to remember:

You should ask the retailer “where” do they get their diamonds certified.  Sometimes, retailers will certify their own diamonds, which means as a consumer, you are basically buying something you don’t know if it’s rated correctly or not.

However, if the diamonds are certified by independent certification company, that’s probably a lot better and trustworthy as far as buying the diamond goes.

I hope this helps you shop for diamond rings “smarter” and plus, this extra knowledge will allow you to leverage better prices on the rings itself when negotiating.

Here’s some links to more helpful tips on how to buy a diamond ring the “right” way:

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