Recycled Gold Wedding Rings

Recycled Gold Wedding Rings

If you are eco-conscious like me, you might want to consider greenKarat where their rings are recycled masterpieces.  At $850, this Vinea gold ring might be perfect pairing for you and your lover.

Of course, this is if you want to go the green route for your wedding, not forcing you.

Some of the nicest gifts we receive are from the vines native to our area. Some are among the earliest bloomers in the spring. Others will in summer grace the shells of dead trees deep in the woods. Like our partners in love, they appreciate receiving support, but seldom become a burden.

Hand carved in two different styles: Embossed design on the top ring; Recessed design on the bottom ring.

Available in two widths, and in either 18k White or 18k Yellow gold.

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