The 5 Philip Sajet Rings you must see! (Designer Spotlight)

It was surprisingly easy for me to pick which five Philip Sajet Rings I wanted to spotlight here. There are, of course, more that I like… but I knew which five helped display what he did along with being what I think are the most aesthetically striking. In fact, the most difficult thing seemed to be spelling “Philip” properly… why do I keep trying to type it “Phillip”?

About Philip Sajet

He is a jewelry designer that uses very geometric, exaggerated forms for jewels that are created from unusual materials. He doesn’t seem do anything that isn’t bold. I can’t imagine that even even pours his morning cup of coffee without a lot of impact.

His work really gets the attention of plenty of people, even on Pinterest. And it’s gotta be the visual that hooks people, because of the two websites that seem to be for him, both are confusing – and one seems to be entirely in German. So I know he doesn’t have any intense American marking campaign going on, you know? His web presence in terms of personal branding isn’t strong, but he still remains a name that people in the jewelry world know and respect. He is especially very popular in Europe and I believe he is working out of France right now.

Why I like Philip Sajet

One of the interesting things he does is make diamonds from glass. And it may surprise you how easily glass looks like crystal or a precious gemstone.

I think something especially sweet about this designer is that he has a  23 year old daughter for whom he made a piece of jewelry for each year of her life as a birthday present. Don’t you wish your Dad had done that for you? Well, no point in being jealous – just enjoy the pretty jewels he’s shared with us all!

I have also included one of his earrings for you to view, as I think it is exceptionally wonderful:

You gotta tell me – do you wish one of your parents also made jewelry? If so, which one do you think would do better at it? I can’t decide, because both of my parents are artistic!

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