Black Cat Rings: Me-OW! Be a fierce kitty

There’s a reason so many of us gals like to be black cats for Halloween. It’s… well, because cats are AWESOME. And we all have a … um… unique feminine, feline mystique… uh….. right? UM. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not entirely sure why it is we all gravitate to cats. Maybe because the idea of being a bunny or mouse just seems too sexual (with the Playboy references) or juvenile. So, cat!

But in truth, we don’t need the occasion of Halloween to rock black cat jewelry. There’s actually a lot of cool cat rings out there, even if you are looking for only black kitties. (Which are allegedly the hardest to adopt, aw!)

I went online shopping for black cat rings, and here’s what I’m bringing back to share with you….

Black Cat Rings

cat rings

Retro Art Black Cat Enamel Ring

  • From:The Chabegem shop on Etsy.
  • About: Made from enamel, and featuring a delightfully retro look.
  • Tags: Rings under $10
  • Get this ring: Click this link to purchase!

black cat rings

Love Cat Rings in Black

  • From: Feline Fatale Shop on Etsy, aka I Love Crafty.
  • About: Available in two sizes: large and small. Created in the UK. Tons of fun. Voila!
  • Tags: cat rings, halloween rings
  • Get this ring: Click this link to purchase!

black cat rings

Black Cat Ring

  • From: The Etsy shop bugga.
  • About: Made from laser cut acrylic, I hope this black cat will bring you good luck!
  • Tags: Rings under $20
  • Get this ring: Click this link to purchase!

black cat ring

Black Cat Ring, Black Spinel and Sterling Silver, MADE TO ORDER

  • From: Every Bear Jewel on Etsy.
  • About: The black face of the cat is a 6mm black spinel. The ring is also made from argentium sterling silver for the purposeful reason that it is more tarnish resistance than normal sterling silver. The band is 2mm. Sizes are available between 3-10, and half sizes are included.
  • Tags: Rings under 60
  • Get this ring: Click this ring to purchase!

black cat ring

Black Cat Ring, featuring ears

  • From: The Etsy shop HidenSeek or Hiden Seek aka The Rogue and the Wolf
  • About: I love that this ring “induces playful curiosity,” according to the maker. It features two pointy black cat ears. It’s perfect for wearing any time, not just Halloween.
  • Notes: This is a total conversation starter and perfect for quirky gals like myself.
  • Tags: cat ears ring, animal rings, unusual rings, Halloween rings
  • Get this ring: Click this link to purchase!

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