Advice: What’s the Best Type of Wedding Band?

When you are getting married, you want the best of everything. After all, you waited a long time to find the best groom or bride! When it comes to the wedding ring (or wedding band) it makes complete sense that you’d want to be particular. You will be wearing this ring an awful lot!

The Basics on What You Need in a Wedding Band

Obviously you want a wedding band that you aesthetically like, that is gold or platinum so it’ll be tough, and that is comfortable and fitted to your finger. Those are three “duh” things about the ring. But when it comes to types of styles, things can be a bit more tricky. Our advice is to think practically about what you do with your hands, and what your engagement ring looks like. You don’t want the wedding band to be something that overpowers it.

Why a Burnished Diamond Wedding Band is Best

That’s why we think one of the best types of wedding bands is one set with burnished diamonds. This means that the metal and the diamond are completely flush. There’s a subtle sense of sparkle when you have some diamonds incorporated into the wedding band, but when they are in a burnished setting they don’t draw focus from the main event. (Which is you, or in this case: your engagement ring!)

Burnished vs Bezel – What is a Burnished Diamond?

The best way to explain the difference between a bezel setting and a burnished setting is that the bezel setting takes a rim and it’s put around a stone. It can still be lifted up – it’s like a frame. When you have a burnished diamond a hole is literally drilled into a large expanse of metal and the diamond is put in and fitted. Think of it like holes in swiss cheese, if you filled the swiss cheese holes with another kind of cheese and it was all level.

Burnished Diamond Tip!

The Best Diamond Shape for Burnished Diamonds is a round, brilliant diamond. It fits most perfectly onto a ring, unlike a more square shaped diamond would.

We hope you enjoyed the advice on this ring blog! Make sure to check out all that we have collected to share with you other jewelry lovers.


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