Best Rings for ‘Fat Fingers’ – Adjustable, Large Bands, Marquise Stones

I don’t think we need to call them “fat fingers” but I was surprised to see how many people are searching for the best rings for fat ringers – typed just like that. Well, okay. Maybe your fingers aren’t super skinny. But there is help!

Proportion. This is a simple idea, really. You don’t want a tiny, delicate ring on a finger you feel looks large. It’s a nice excuse to tell your significant other not to skimp on the diamond size! But it’s not just about the diamond, actually. There are so many styles of rings, so consider something simple like the width of the ring band. You want something that’s sturdy and a little large. And you can get away with large cocktail rings if you have a larger hand!

Adjustable. If you aren’t looking for an engagement ring or wedding ring, then the ring you get can be entirely adjustable. These will always fit.

Ring Style for Fat Fingers: A thick band. However, if it’s too, too thick you might find your finger is sweating in the ring.

Ring Style for Fat Fingers, stone: Certain gemstone shapes will help elongate the illusion that your finger has. Look for oval stones or marquise stones. You probably don’t want to go for a solitaire setting.

Comfort Fit. Many rings are made with a comfort fit element. You should also make sure to get your ring professionally sized so that it doesn’t fall off, and isn’t too thigh. If it’s squeezing your finger it’ll look unattractive for sure.

Best Rings for Fat Ringers

On Sale Purple Rose Ornate Adjustable Ring
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Frolick Black Floral Ring – Adjustable Rings
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Banana Split – Vintage Enamel Flower Ring
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Courtney Lee Collection Jet Brooke Ring
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Sterling Silver Marcasite Filigree Marquise Amethyst Ring
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