4 ugly Midi Rings you do NOT want to wear

As cool as trendy midi rings are. Wearing an ugly one that makes your fingers look fat? Not good. And these knuckle ring styles are tough for all these Etsy sellers to make well because your fingers are not uniform in shape or size. Look for a more expensive option, meaning the seller took more time and put more work into the ring. Or, just go to Forever 21. Meanwhile, here’s the midi rings to avoid…

BAD Midi Rings

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Oh, hell no.

ugly rings, midi rings, knuckle rings, top of finger rings

Part 2: How…attractive?

Above Knuckle Ring, Loop style Adjustable Midi Ring

  • Cost: $10.95
  • From: Etsy
  • Why is this an ugly and bad ring? You might be tempted to say this was just photographed badly. But I already considered that. This sort of midi ring, with the spiral and loops, will always end up pushing some part of your finger’s skin in an odd way and make it look anywhere from “weird” to “fairly deformed.” It’ll snag on things and be way more annoying to wear. So you really should start off with a basic midi ring before you attempt something like this. My advice: skip it. I don’t like any of the rings in this shop…  like this other one pictured above. (It’s not personal, it’s shopping. Which is serious.)
midi rings, ugly rings images, ugly rings


Set of 5 midi rings

  • Cost: $15.99
  • From: Etsy
  • Why is this an ugly and bad ring? Do you even need me to say it? It’s not that I hate the nails (which I do – argh.) It’s the rings. The design is fine, like every other midi ring there is on Etsy, really. This shop is pushing the idea that size 3-4 “can fit most people’s knuckles.” They do offer a chance to resize things. But if the person couldn’t even figure out what size would fit their own fingers…I don’t trust them. Here, we have a classic case of the rings being too small, and making the fingers look like fat is bulging out. I suspect this is also a case of “when I make the ring bigger, it falls off.” Meaning, you can’t just loop some wire around a finger and call it a day. You have to actually, you know, work on shaping it. In this case, it seems like the top bars aren’t shaped into a curve that mimics the top of your fingers.
ugly rings, ugly rings images

…No, no, no. NO.

Above Knuckle Rings Set

  • Cost: $6.00
  • From: Etsy
  • Why? I can hardly look at this picture without feeling uncomfortable. Are those real fingers? Fabric mesh? Really tan fingers?


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