3.23 Carat Platinum Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring for $87,200!

This magnificent $87,200 3.23 Carat Platinum Radiant Cut Diamong Solitaire Engagement Ring has a really long name and is available for order from Amazon.  What I am wondering is if they will ship the ring via UPS, I would hope dearly that they don’t lose my package if I order one.

Leave her speechless with this exquisite GIA-certified radiant-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. The 3.23 carat rectangular radiant cut diamond is mounted in a raised four-prong setting of gleaming platinum, with prong tips that are specially shaped to hug the blocked corners of this magnificent cut. The stone is beautifully proportioned and mounted lengthwise to the finger, centered on a gleaming platinum band.

This is an exceptional diamond, with tremendous brilliance and fire. With a rare color grading of E, it is considered colorless and is absolutely dazzling in the bright platinum setting. The diamond has a minimum clarity of VVS2, meaning there are tiny inclusions that are very difficult to see by an experienced jeweler using 10X magnification, and impossible to see with the unaided eye. Diamonds with a clarity of VVS2 are very rare. The diamond’s rectangular radiant cut is quite dramatic. It combines the step-cutting and trimmed corners of an emerald-cut diamond with some of the triangular faceting of the brilliant cut for an impressive sparkle.

If you can afford it, go order it on Amazon here.

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