The Best Blue Topaz Rings from (December Birthstone)

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Some people love to flaunt their birthstone by wearing it as much as possible – and who can blame them if they’re blessed with the birthstone of blue topaz? As a gift to them, or to yourself, buying a large cocktail ring that features a blue topaz gem is perfect. You can wear it every day as an ‘everyday glam’ sort of statement. I mean, I wouldn’t wear it to work in the garden – but for any other sort of function you could easily wear this. As people get older they tend to wear their fancier rings every day – I’ve noticed this from my Mom and Grandma. Why let them waste in your jewelry box? Wear what you love and wear it now! I would have to say that my favorite’s of this bunch are the 1/2 carat sky blue topaz in sterling silver because it’s powerful but simple, and the last one which is the blue topaz ring with sapphires and black diamonds.

6 1/2 Carat Blue Topaz & Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring

4 3/8 Carat Sky Blue Topaz, Sapphire & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

12 Carat Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

2 1/5 Carat Sky Blue Topaz, Sapphire & Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

7 1/10 Carat Blue Topaz, Sapphire and Black Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

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