Five Hot Picks for Summer Toe Rings

With summer in full swing, hardly a day goes by when I’m not wearing sandals (if I’m wearing footwear at all!). And while it’s true that there are lots of flip flops and sandals decorated with rhinestones and beads, sometimes you prefer having a simple, elegant sandal. But does that mean forgoing all bling? Certainly not. The uh…bling police wouldn’t stand for it! Well, I won’t stand for it anyway. So sit down, get a pedicure, and pick out a pretty toe ring. I’ve selected a few for you.

The Toe Ring for the Sophisticated Girl:


Gold Toe Ring This 14k gold toe ring has a pretty scroll design.

The Toe Ring for the Sporty Girl:


Star Toe Ring Like most toe rings, this is adjustable.

The Toe Ring for the Simple Girl:


Gold Toe Ring If you’re looking for something very simple, try this 14k gold highly polished toe ring.

The Toe Ring for the Girly Girl:


Heart Toe Ring This sweet toe ring has a dangling heart.

The Toe Ring for the Nature Loving Girl:


Flower Toe Ring Just make sure that your toe environment has nothing resembling mold (yuck), this flower stands alone!

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