Top 5 Worry Rings for Women

I caught myself singing the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song earlier today – to my cat. Let’s forget about that part. Moving on…

It’s a song I remember my Dad playing (on a cassette!) during one particular drive down to summer camp. I think it’s on the Cocktail soundtrack? (I should have viewed that movie by now.) Anyway. The sentiments of the song because some weighed down in overuse that I’d forgotten that it’s a really positive mantra. I was trying to “ABHF” aka “always be having fun” and that wasn’t working.

And if, like me, you can’t turn off the “worry” valve, you can certain lower the pressure in a few ways. I suggest aromatherapy and hot baths. Another great thing you can use is a worry ring. It’s something you can fiddle with and keep your hands busy instead of gripping a stress ball for all you’re worth.

Worry Rings for Women

Clockwise from top right

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Braid Spinner Ring For Men Or Women
It’s simple and sweet.
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Spinner ring – Sterling silver with rose and yellow gold spinners ring
It reminds me of a secret garden in the Victorian era. Very antique…ish!
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Click here for this Handmade ring on Etsy by artisanlook

Harmony Twiddle Spinner Ring with Gem Stones
The pop of color is really fun and lovely. It looks very earthy and beautiful.
Click here for this handmade ring on Etsy by Berlin Randall – KBerlinMetalsmith

Sterling silver meditation band with 3 spinners
Kind of expensive for silver, but it’s got three spinners and it’s handmade.
Click here for Ring on Etsy by silvercrush

Fashionable Bodhi Leaf Spinner Ring
So stylish and there’s a spiritual element to the Bodhi leaf (Buddhist stuff.)
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Click here for ring by Kyle Gross on Etsy by stones throw jewelry (clever name!)

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