Sterling Silver Rings with Sayings (Five of the Best)

The outside of this sterling silver ring reads “well behaved women” and the inside reads “never make history.” I like the idea that the “naughty” part is kept a secret from the world. Maybe people will think you’re super well behaved? Or is that a lie that no one could believe? Click Here for Ring

sterling silver rings with sayings

This is a wide band, huh? It reads, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever -Tinkerbell”. This is a handmade ring, so you can have it customized in a zillion different ways. Yup, literally a zillion. Click Here for Ring.

silver rings with sayings

The font used here is a vintage typewriter that is very hip. Pactum Serva means “keep the faith.” Click Here for Ring.

This is the Custom Silver Double Banner Ring which is handmade and can say anything you want. I’m picking this ring as one of the top five because the design is really unique. One of the phrases you might use is “until lambs become lions.” That’s just one example. The ring makes it look like you’re wearing a banner or scroll of sorts. Click here for Rings.

This ring has been featured on this Jewelry Blog before. The phrase here is a wonderful Marcus Aurelius quote. Click here for Ring.

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