Bling Jewelry Designer Inspired Sterling Silver CZ Mother-of-Pearl Flower Ring

What is the June birthstone? Well, there’s three variations. The birthstone for June can be a pearl, moonstone, or Alexandrite. During the month of June we’ll be showing plenty of pearl rings, moonstone rings and alexandrite rings, as well as talking about their meanings. First up, the pearl! A pearl isn’t a gemstone at all, does that seem odd? Instead, it is a mineral – or composite of minerals. Pearls can be different, and the main difference is when you have pearls from oysters (freshwater pearls) nacre is present at the inner lining of the pearl shell. That’s what makes these types of pearls (and pearl rings) so shiny. Pearls from other mollusks give pearls that look like they have porcelain. This is why mother of pearl is so much more darn popular!

This Mother of Pearl Ring has sterling silver and cubic zirconia. It is symbolic of a flower. Click for details.

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