Five Pieces of Odd Self Defense Jewelry to Keep You Safe

Self-defense jewelry is a real thing! Going to be wandering down some deserted alley? Better get your favorite weapon ring! Be like a porcupine or hedgehog and wear your best defense!

defense jewelry

If you were Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you might find this handmade ring to be handy since it works as a weapon ring. It’s not made of wood, so it wouldn’t kill vampires – but it could hurt demons! This is called the Ratiba Ring, sold on Etsy and made out of sterling silver. The design is simple and modern, and really packs a punch.

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defense ring

This black onyx ring is a great self defense jewelry piece because it has a replaceable pepper spray section. This is why it is called The Stunning Ring! It stuns an attacker with the pepper spray. A pepper spray ring is a smart idea if you are going to be somewhere where you’ll be in real danger. It makes your pepper spray easy to get to.

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self defense jewelry

This is a great piece of survival jewelry. I wouldn’t call it an aggressive weapon, but it’s a great defensive item so that you’ll have information and never be lost without an identity. This can be crushed, thrown into the ocean, etc, etc – it’ll stay in tact and the information on the flash drive will be there.You can wear this on a keychain or as a necklace. If you wear it, it counts as jewelry.

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defense ring

weapon ring

Now here’s a defense ring that is actually very pretty, too. This is The Subtle Safety Ring by RedStart Design. It is created using sterling silver and red acrylic. Rather than holding your keys, should an attacker approach, you can rotate the “aggressive point” of the ring outwards to hold at the ready.

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protection ring

self defense jewelry

Who says you have to be aggressive? This is a protection ring! This handmade ring is created with sterling silver and black Onyx. The black onyx stone is thought to have many protective qualities, and is often used in protection jewelry. This is made and sold on Etsy.

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