Seafoam Stack Rings remind you of Sea…Foam!

Seafoam Stack Rings remind you of Sea...Foam!

What is better than having one of these Seafoam Stack rings in your fingers, especially lounging on the beach with a Corona in your hand?

Probably nothing.

The $120 you spend on this ring is worth it as there’s 5 rings total that make up the Seafoam Stack Rings.

Traditionally, gemstones (those used for jewelry) have been divided into precious and semi-precious categories. Gems were deemed “precious” largely based on a history of ecclesiastical, devotional or ceremonial use, as well as rarity. The four “cardinal” precious gems are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Semi-precious stones are pretty much everything else.There are more than 130 species of minerals that have been cut into gems, with 50 species in common use. Strictly speaking, such gems as pearls, coral, ivory, jet, amber and mother of pearl are not “stone” at all, but are considered semi-precious for purposes of jewelry making.

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