The 7 Sarah Blaine rings rings you must see!

Want to be a modern day Disney princess who’s as much a heroine as she is beautiful in a twirly ballgown? Well, that’s how I feel about these Sara Blaine rings. They’re not TOO dainty or precious, but they’re still so worthy of your personal fairytale. I love the details (the metal work on the ring bands and shoulders look like vines, and swirls, and it’s just generally gorgeous) and the choice of gemstones like pretty peridot and powerful black onyx.

Sarah Blaine Rings

To see any specific ring and purchase it, click the link that says “CLICK.” Enjoy!

Sara Blaine Silver and Gold Royal Peridot Ring

Sara Blaine South Seas Braided Silver Mother of Pearl Ring Set

Sara Blaine Blue Topaz Golden Flower Stackable Ring Set

Sara Blaine Signature Lace Green Amethyst Oval Swirl Ring

Sara Blaine South Seas Silver Basket Weave Cocktail Ring

sarah blaine rings

Sara Blaine Rhapsody Square Black Onyx Cocktail Ring

Sara Blaine Bronze and Gold Lace Currents Cocktail Ring

you gotta tell me – which of these is your favorite ring?

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