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When looking for a birthday present for my sister, a pair of Robert Lee Morris earrings ended up being part of the perfect gift. They were artistic and interesting, but also nice enough to wear in a professional work setting. And as it turned out, the “label snob” sensibility (lots of us have it!) in my sister really responded to this name.

See, when I stumbled upon a turn-style like jewelry stand of Robert Lee Morris jewelry in a local Macy’s, I had zero idea of what the line’s reputation was. But I was immediately was responding positively to plenty of the pieces.

As I was standing there at the jewelry counter, I overheard a saleswoman talking to another one. Basically, there had been a customer who had come in and was astounded that the Robert Lee Morris jewelry was available at Macy’s and that she said the prices were less than they were on QVC.

I think he does a lot of interesting stuff with chunky pieces, and black hematite. His key is in abstract, simple shapes. By playing with repetition, movement and texture he’s made everything all the more special.

The below pieces are Robert Lee Morris and RLM Studio

robert lee morris jewelry

Robert Lee Morris Necklace, Gold-Tone Cross Pendant

Robert Lee Morris Earrings, Gold-Tone Triangle Chandelier Earrings

robert lee morris earrings

Robert Lee Morris Earrings, Silver-Tone Link Tortoise Bead Drop Earrings

robert lee morris earrings

Robert Lee Morris Earrings, Gold-Tone Linear Drop Earrings

robert lee morris jewelry

Robert Lee Morris Earrings

robert lee morris rings

Robert Lee Morris Feather Ring fFor Elizabeth and James


RLM Studio Sterling Cut Out Drop Earrings

Andy Warhol By RLM Studio Celestial Brass Bangle

RLM Studio Sterling & Blue Lace Agate Double Drop Earrings

RLM Studio Sterling Sculpted Clover Ring

RLM Studio Sterling Dogwood Ring

robert lee morris rings

RLM Studio Sterling, Brass & Hematine Set of 3 Stack Rings – Most Wished For on QVC

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