Plain Silver Rings for Women: Five with Style

There’s nothing wrong with a plain silver ring, but these days it’s hard to find an unadorned ring without all sorts of embellishments. I went to work and found five that are simple and unfussy. When I was sixteen I had the best simple silver ring – it was a little large so I could wear it on my thumb or any finger, really. It had three silver loops that intertwined and I could twist them. (And boy did I twist them, all the time.) It was a great ring for me since I get nervous all the time and want something to do with my hands. Plus, it matched everything so I could put that on every day without worrying about if it worked. Give yourself one less reason to rush for the bus stop, or to the car before work – go simple, go silver.

Plain Silver Rings for Women

There are two sale rings here.

Clockwise from top right.

Argento Vivo Sterling Silver Multiple Bands Ring
From, HERE

Sterling Silver Rope Ring
On Sale $27.00
From, HERE

Jen’s Pirate Booty Silver Twist Ring
From, HERE

Tiffany Style X Ring in Sterling Silver
From, HERE

Sterling Silver Twist Ring
On Sale $18.00
From, HERE

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