Our Favorite Blue Topaz Rings (December Birthstone!)

blue topaz rings

The birth stone for December is –  you might have already guessed it – blue topaz! Blue topaz comes in three different basic shades: Sky (the lightest blue), Swiss and London Blue (the darkest blue). Sagittariuses are lucky because this is such a beautiful gemstone to have as their birthstone. 

The word “Topaz” is Sanskrit for “Tapas” meaning fire. People used to believe that blue topaz had cooling powers. If you have a heated temper, it might be wise to wear some blue topaz and use it as a reminder to cool down. That is, people don’t only wear blue topaz as a birth stone. You can wear it for any occasion.

I’ve put together a collage of some of my favorite blue topaz rings on sale right now from Max & Chloe. The first three focus on just having one gemstone in the ring. But the latter three are for people who like variety, or want to wear their birthstone but don’t want to have it SCREAM ‘this is my birthstone!’.

Brian Danielle Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

Divya Diamond Blue Topaz Ring

Arcatus Jewelry Blue Topaz Luca Ring

Karibou Stackable Blue Bezel Ring Set

Urban Posh Royal Stackable Ring Set

Karibou Five Stone Stacked Ring

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