The 5 best Jorge Revilla Rings you must see! (All are unique rings for women)

With a quirky and unique approach to design, Jorge Revilla rings for women are definitely playful illustrations of fine jewelry design.

I’ve hand-picked some of the Jorge Revilla rings we like best, and this includes flower asterisks, geometric sun shapes, and one that looks like the outline of a sliced orange.The designer did not sacrifice good style or quality workmanship just because he chose to  approach such festive ideas. I probably wouldn’t go out thinking, “hey, I want to wear a ring that looks like the inside of an orange slice!” But when I see the Naranja ring below, it is a very compelling piece of jewelry that I do want to wear. The beauty of these rings is that they are giving you creative, beautiful jewelry that is completely out of the box of things you’d expect to see with designer jewelry.  I can picture all sorts of different celebrities loving these looks, especially Gwen Stefani. She loves unpredictable items, you know? Plus, she keeps having some commercial on TV (T-Mobile? Oh, HTC Windows Phone 8 , whatever!) that reminds me how much I love her voice, style, and Veronica Lake-styled hair.

And though Stefani loves a nod to glamorous retro days of yore, she’s also very trend-setting and fashion forward. Which (surprise!) brings is back to Jorge Revilla, a jewelry taste-maker definitely worth  checking out.

Take a look at our five favorite Jorge Revilla rings, below:

unique rings for women

Jorge Revilla “June” Ring

Sterling silver Jorge Revilla Ring

“Sol” Sun Ring by Jorge Revilla

Jorge Revilla “Sinfin” Ring

Jorge Revilla “Naranja” Ring

You gotta tell me – which of these is your favorite ring?

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