4 Unique Pistol and Gun Rings (Jewelry)

I know basically nothing about guns, and personally wouldn’t even want to wear a fake one… but I still appreciate how cool some of these miniature pieces are. I found four to share with you guys.

Check out this tiny gun ring by Aaron Ruff for Digby and Iona. The oxidized sterling silver pistol has been oxidized and also has a tiny brass bullet. The trigger and chamber both move, but this is not a working firearm. The name of this creation is “The Black Spot Pistol Ring” and it retails for $580.00 on digbyandiona.com. (LINK)

gun rings

This next piece is an antique pistol ring that is not for sale but has some cool history. Apparently it was made in the 1800’s and was one of the smallest killing devices. They believe it is of French origin. (LINK)

Here’s the Hexa-Gun “Wasteland Steel” Ring. It’s created by Matt from England, for the Etsy store Arcane Armoury. (LINK)

gun rings

Finally, here’s a neat gun ring cast in solid silver. The Etsy shop Latem Skrow creates it and says, “It has a nice-solid weight to it and is bound to give confidence in any social situation among other mercenaries.” (LINK)

gun rings jewelry

You gotta tell me – Would YOU wear a fake gun ring? 

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