Gaelic Friendship Ring

This Gaelic Friendship ring has the phrase ‘anam cara’ engraved upon it. What this mean, in Gaelic (cause it certainly isn’t English!) is ‘soul friend’. I can’t think of a sweeter sentiment to tell to a true friend than that they are a soul friend.

Cara means ‘friend’ and anam means ‘soul’. So, it’s a very simple and literal translation. A soul friend is the closest kind of friend a person can hope to have – the kind who is with you forever, always understands you (or at least is willing to try), and has unconditional love reserved for you. A soul friend is also the best kind of friend you can be.

Available in sterling silver or gold, why not tell your best friend how much you cherish them with the gift of this ring?

This ring is $40.00 at

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