CTR Ring!

CTR Ring!

I have no idea what CTR means but even if you don’t know what it means, you might be able to make some sense out of the acronyms available:  (Why not?  Pick a definition and CTR will mean something special for you.)

Acronym Definition
CTR Center
CTR (USN Rating) Cryptologic Technician (Collection)
CTR Calcitonin Receptor
CTR California Toxics Rule
CTR Call to Response
CTR Call-To-Repair
CTR Cancer Therapy Reviews
CTR Canonical Teacher Resources
CTR Cardio-Thoracic Ratio
CTR Carlton Trail Railway (Canada)
CTR Carpal Tunnel Release
CTR Cell Traffic Recording (Mobile Telephony)
CTR Census Tract Report
CTR Center for Telecommunications Research (Columbia University)
CTR Center for Tobacco Research
CTR Center for Transportation Research
CTR Central Texas Refuse
CTR Central Travel Record
CTR Centre
CTR Centre for Transportation Research (National University of Singapore)
CTR Certified Technical Representative (construction)
CTR Certified Trauma Responder (Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists)
CTR Certified Tumor Registrar
CTR Children’s Term Rider (life insurance)
Ctr Chlamydia Trachomatis
CTR Choose The Right
CTR Choose to Rave
CTR Christ the Rock (church)
CTR Circle to Rectangle (diffusers)
CTR Civic Type R (Honda)
CTR Civil Tilt Rotor
CTR Click Through Rate
CTR Close Target Reconnaissance
CTR Coater (paper Industry)
CTR Combat Training Range
CTR Common Technical Regulation
CTR Common Technical Requirements
CTR Commute Trip Reduction (program to encourage ridesharing)
CTR Competitive Trail Ride
CTR Complete the Record (US Army)
CTR Computer Technology Research Corp.
CTR Confidential Treatment Request
CTR Continuous Technology Refreshment
CTR Continuous Technology Refreshment (life cycle strategy)
CTR Continuous Tone Reproduction
CTR Contract Technical Representative
CTR Contractor
CTR Contractor Task Report
CTR Control Temperature Ratio
CTR Control Zone
CTR Controlled Thermonuclear Reactor
CTR Cooperative Threat Reduction
CTR Cooperative Threat Reduction (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
CTR Copper Transporter
CTR Core Thrust Reverser
CTR Corrupt the Righteous (mixed drink)
CTR Cost, Time and Resource
CTR Cost, Time and Resources
CTR Council for Tobacco Research
CTR Covering the Reading (UCSMP Math Textbooks)
CTR Crash Team Racing (Sony video game)
CTR Crave The Rave (rave scene)
CTR Currency Transaction Report
CTR Current Transfer Ratio
CTR Customer Technical Representative
CTR Customer Transceiver (LMDS)
CTR Cycle Time Reduction
CTR Cassette Tape Recorder
CTR Connect Time Record
CTR Connect to Resource
CTR Counter
CTR Customer Trouble Report
CTR Group C Turbo Ruf

Whatever your needs, the CTR ring might fit the bill.

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